The NSIC is a uniquely diverse community that spans across age, race, socio-economic backgrounds.

  • 64

    64 of the world’s nationalities are represented

  • 45

    45% of regular attendees are women

  • 60

    60% of regular attendees are under the age of 35

  • 20

    20% are converts

  • 1400

    1,400 worshippers attend the weekly Friday prayer

  • 200

    200 attend the weekly halaqa

  • 1000

    10,000 congregants during Eid al-Fitr

  • 500+

    500+ nightly taraweeh worshipers during Ramadan

About the Sustainers

At the core of the NSIC lies a profoundly dedicated community known as the NSIC Sustainers. These Sustainers bring a wonderful depth to the center by giving back in various ways, all for the sake of Allah (swt).

Sustainers are individuals who are firmly committed to contributing financially on a monthly basis. Their ongoing support plays a pivotal role in advancing the NSIC's mission of nurturing an all-embracing community and sustaining programs rooted in our religious principles.

Currently, there are 500 Sustainers who generously offer monthly sadaqah at their own chosen amounts. They also actively participate in shaping important decisions at our Sustainers Quarterly Meetings, and they have been instrumental in driving significant NSIC projects and initiatives, such as leading the Imam Search Committee, spearheading the 99 Names of Allah class, and many others.

To learn more, please visit the NSIC Sustainers page.

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